UNICEF, pearls, and the lasting power of Audrey Hepburn

There’s a really excellent article about UNICEF and the trials and tribulations of charities in the Guardian today. We’ve been seeing more and more articles popping up lately talking about the celebrity charity drive and how it can actually hurt charities more than help them, and this article lists some of UNICEF’s more recent issues with its image and its partnerships. It also talks about certain big labels doing two-faced work by making their clothes via Third World sweatshops, yet launching conscientious items or lines to raise money for Third World citizens. *cough* Gap Red! *cough* It of course mentions Audrey’s work and how she sort of started the celebrity spokesperson trend (though really the credit should go to Danny Kaye, who worked for 40 years as a Goodwill Ambassador and got Audrey involved), and how there are special classes celebrities take now to learn about charities and become spokespeople. Classes. It all seems very strange. Still, I highly recommend reading the whole article. Continue reading “UNICEF, pearls, and the lasting power of Audrey Hepburn”

Givenchy and the Bird Girl

Not a whole lot going on today (maybe everyone’s still shopping?), but I did find a nice article on Givenchy. It talks about his early days and his personal influences, and how he’s personally helped to keep Balenciaga alive. To read more, click here. I must say, he looks very good for 79. You can still see the same young man Audrey first met!

Next up is a tiny article about the upcoming dress auction, but it has a nice quote from Givenchy about his reasons for giving it up. You can click here, or just read the quote below: Continue reading “Givenchy and the Bird Girl”

Christie’s, the Queen, anorexia, and more dolls (and more)

To make up for not updating too much lately, I scoured the Internet yesterday (before cooking the best dinner ever eaten) and found lots of great stuff to share.

But the first item comes from the wonderful Franklin, who let us know that Christie’s now has the December catalogue up, and it’s auctioning 20 Audrey items! I’d last heard there would be the Breakfast at Tiffany’s dress and two Charade dresses, but nowhere near around 20 different items. There’s actually 21, if you count two photo collections going up that feature portraits of Audrey. Anyway, Christie’s is good enough to have good-sized pictures of each item next to a description (and heart-stopping estimate of the sale in British pounds), so you can see just the Audrey items here. And if you’re too lazy to look, here’s some pictures:

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We’re baaaaack . . . with news

Terribly sorry for the lack of updates recently. Due to the holidays, work has been insane (to put it one way), and it was all I could do to eat and sleep in between. I’ll build up my stamina, promise. 🙂 Anyway, there hasn’t been much real Audrey news lately, so you haven’t missed anything. She’s still mentioned many times per day in news articles, but it’s usually “she looked very Audrey Hepburn-ish” or “I felt like Audrey Hepburn,” things usually totally unrelated and not worth posting. Continue reading “We’re baaaaack . . . with news”

some refreshing reality; you are an artist

Just hours after complaining about girls using Audrey out of context as “thinspiration,” I find an article today that interviews teen girls and their opinions on the weight obsession. The entire article is good, and one girl actually quotes Audrey as justification for accepting yourself as you are! It doesn’t get any better than that. To read the whole article, click here.

Next up is an article about women today, and their lack of lady-like appeal. Some may even be offended at this article, since it is written by a man and therefore might be viewed as sexist or misogynistic, but it was all a matter of circumstance. He was watching Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and during that viewing came across . . . well, let’s say someone not so genteel. It led him on a tangent wondering what has changed in women in roughly 50 years, and if it really is all for the better. To read more, go here. Continue reading “some refreshing reality; you are an artist”

fresh out

I guess I posted the whole week’s news yesterday! All I could find today was one article about the Spoto biography, although it does give a very good and thorough timeline of Audrey’s life. It’s definitely worth checking out here.

Also . . . I really don’t like it when I search for Audrey through Blogger and get thrown into teenage girl’s thinspiration blogs, especially when they brag about only eating crackers worth 220 calories for an entire day. Forget the Gap ads, that would make Audrey spin in her grave if anything could.

The Audrey Hepburn daylily, humanitarianism, and more

A lot of random stuff today, just from wandering around the web. You’d think I never left the house on my days off! But first, a new page for the website. Now if you go to the index page and click on the “je ne sais quoi” graphic, it’ll take you to a new page. This page was made for anyone and everyone to talk about Audrey in their own languages, along with posting their favourite picture of her. It was always my plan to have a multilingual site, and I’ll work on it more once the english section is firmly entrenched, but for now there’s at least some place to express yourself in whatever language you like. Hopefully other non-English speakers will come and enjoy your thoughts, and you might be responsible for making a new Audrey fan! To see the new page, click here. Continue reading “The Audrey Hepburn daylily, humanitarianism, and more”

more news from audreyhepburn.com

I received an email from Ellen Erwin, the Executive Director of the Children’s Fund this morning. Since it’s short, I’ll just copy and paste it for everyone to read:

Just to let you know, the Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund website has been recently updated and we are redesigning a brand new flash website for launch next year. Thanks for the mention on your website. Will you let your visitors know that our website is current? Thanks so much and best regards

Isn’t that great? I can’t wait to see how it will change. And maybe they’ll post a full schedule of the exhibit’s tour in Europe . . . Continue reading “more news from audreyhepburn.com”