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If the blinding avalanche of red paper hearts and pink everywhere hasn’t told you yet, today is Valentine’s Day. To celebrate, compiled a list of the Top 10 Screen Kisses of All Time, and the Holly Golightly/Paul Varjak kiss at the end of Breakfast at Tiffany’s was number 2! You can read the full list here.

If there are any Audrey fans going out on a dinner date tonight, be it a first date or 100th, Seacoast Online was thoughtful enough to put together a little tips sheet to keep your dates from being as chilly as the later dinner dates of Joanna and Mark Wallace of Two For the Road. It’s not as overly preachy as most other articles out there, just about common sense in conversation and how to really appreciate the person you’re out with, so it might come in handy. You can read the whole article here.

And for those of you who will be staying in tonight (it doesn’t matter if you’re with a date, chums, or just curled up with a cat), Turner Classic Movies will be showing Breakfast at Tiffany’s tonight at 8 pm EST. When you’re watching an Audrey movie, you’re never really alone.

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