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Happy Halloween!

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Finally, the big day is here. I hope everyone has their Audrey Hepburn (or Holly Golightly) costumes all set and ready to go. Don’t forget, if you love your costume and would like to use your style and hard work for a chance to win some free Audrey goodies, enter the costume contest! Click the link to the right for more details. If you don’t have an Audrey costume or are shy about showing your costume, it’s okay, you can enter too. You just have to like getting free things to enter. 🙂

Anyway, if you’re more the stay at home type, or you’re going to be celebrating indoors and would like a little spooky entertainment, might I suggest turning out the lights and watching Wait Until Dark? While it’s Audrey’s only scary movie, it’s an excellent one (she was nominated for an Oscar!), and on everyone’s top ten lists, including Pittsburgh’s Post-Gazette. They compiled a top ten list of movies that were scary without being gory or disgusting, and right below Psycho is Wait Until Dark. Though made 40 years ago, it’s still as frightening as ever, and I do hope it becomes as timeless and iconic in its genre as Psycho is now. If you don’t own it already, I’m sure a nearby video rental would have a copy or two, but you might want to get there early, before they’re all picked over!

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