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Life Photographers Series: Remembering Audrey 15 Years Later

No Comments 26 January 2008

Thank you for your ongoing patience! I’m slowly but surely reinstalling all my programs to start working on the website again. I didn’t realize how much junk it took to keep the site going until I lost it all. Anyway, I’ve been hearing a lot about this special edition Life Magazine called “Life Photographers Series: Remembering Audrey 15 Years Later.” Apparently it’s an entire issue of the magazine dedicated to the fabulous Audrey, and all of the pictures of her that have appeared in the magazine throughout the years.

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Hello, 2008

No Comments 10 January 2008

Hi all, I hope you had a good start to 2008? I wish I could say I was just taking a little holiday break between the last post and now, but unfortunately I was without Internet from Boxing Day until a few days into this year, and my computer was also in the shop. 🙁 While all of my files seem to be intact, I lost all of my programs, so I don’t have my website building programs back yet. I didn’t even have Word, and that came with the computer! So it’s a big mess behind the scenes here, but at least Internet’s back. I’ll catch you all up with all the good Audrey news, and it’ll [almost] be like nothing happened. Thanks for being so patient and enduring the mess.

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