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the ultimate Mother’s Day gifts

Comments Off on the ultimate Mother’s Day gifts 16 April 2008

I just got a little catalogue in the mail from UNICEF, and it’s encouraging their members to buy one of their Inspired Gifts for your mum this Mother’s Day (May 11th). I think it’s actually a very sweet idea, seeing that the holiday is just a made up Hallmark holiday anyway, and could you give the woman who gave you life* anything better than the chance to touch other childrens lives? The gifts in the catalogue range from an insanely affordable treated mosquito net to save children from insects and disease ($15), to a motorcycle used to speed medicine to unreachable people ($1,980)! Don’t worry, there’s plenty in between, I just wanted to highlight the price range to show that practically anyone can afford these gifts. Buy it in your mum’s name and she has just saved a life. Isn’t that fantastic? I think Audrey would have loved to have gotten that sort of gift. 🙂

If you’re interested in doing this as a gift for someone, or because you’re flush with a tax return and would like to do something good with your extra cash, you can browse the shop yourself here, or call 1-800-4UNICEF.

*or who raised you and made you the person you are, which is just as important!

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