Target loves Audrey!

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Living in Southern California (again) means having to drive, lots of freeways, and access to Target stores again. I’ve been going a lot lately hey, I need things and they have them and I always see at least one Audrey portrait hanging in the art section. Today I went to a different Target, because variety is the spice of life, and found this cute tote!

And here’s a close-up:

Of course, I bought it. 🙂 It’s pretty affordable at $12.99 and has a smaller pocket on the inside, making it handy when you need a beach bag or market bag that will still hold your wallet and keys and other loose ends. If you can’t get down to a store in your area or just prefer shopping online, the bag is available online here. They also have loads of Audrey tees I haven’t seen or shared with you yet, along with some different wall art. You can see all “Audrey” search results here. Not on the website? This art, also found today:

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