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Emma Roberts as Audrey Hepburn

0 Comments 04 March 2009

I’m eating dinner right now (a bit early, but I’m hungry! I’ll have dinner again in a few hours), and while I eat I like to surf the web. It beats TV. Anyway, after clicking around I found that Glamour magazine has done a 2009 American Legends series, where they take girls and women they think are going to be big this year and make them into American legends. There’s athletes, musicians and entertainers, and I was just beginning to think, “Oh, they won’t include Audrey, she wasn’t American,” when I hit page 5 and saw this:

Instantly recognizable as a scene from Funny Face, right? Or do I just know my Audrey movies too well? 😉 There’s a small blurb from Glamour and Miss Emma herself:

OK, she was born in Belgium, but Hepburn became one of the most beloved American movie stars. Her sharp, sensitive turn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s made the film a must-see for women of all ages, while the late actress’s elegant style continues to inspire women to this day.

“She was so simply beautiful. And she loved charity work, something even more beautiful about her.”—Emma Roberts, 18, of this month’s big-screen drama Lymelife, reenacting a scene from the 1957 musical Funny Face

Any thoughts? I know Emma doesn’t look like Audrey (in fact, I think she’s nearly the spitting image of her aunt Julia), and I don’t know if she’s a fan, but it’s still nice to see Audrey represented as a women’s icon, and especially nice to see a fresh face made up as her.

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