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It’s that time again . . .

Comments Off on It’s that time again . . . 26 May 2009

Time for summer film screenings in the park! I love this part of summer. This morning I went over to Facebook, the only way I know what’s going on with any of my friends, and found an update from Cinespia, the group that does the film screenings in the Hollywood Forever cemetery. They just posted their June schedule, and it’s always a good sign when they put a picture of Audrey next to their post. 🙂

So, all you fabulous L.A. and southern California fans, mark your calendars for Saturday June 13th. Gates open at 7:30, the film starts at 9, and it’s a $10 mandatory “donation” to get in. Come early because parking is hideous and I’m sure the place will fill up fast. You’re encouraged to bring low picnic chairs, blankets, food, anything to make you comfortable that won’t block other people’s line of vision, so make a fun night of it. It’ll be great, I promise. I’ll go as an early birthday present to myself (oh, like I need an excuse!), and having seen Funny Face before on the big screen in San Francisco, I can tell you with absolute certainty that it will be amazing. It’s like seeing the film for the first time all over again. And if you haven’t seen the film yet or have some friends who haven’t, it’s a great way to introduce yourself or them to Audrey on the big screen. Or, rather, the side of a mausoleum, if you want to get technical. Either way, she sings, she dances, she wears amazing Givenchy creations, she’s completely in her element in this film. Go. GO! You can even sit with me if you can’t find anyone else to bring along, just be sure to come out, it’ll be great. Maybe we can get a sing-along going. 😉

And I’m still working on all my pictures from my trip, so once I’m done editing I was thinking I’d just post all of the Timeless Audrey exhibit pictures on Flickr for everyone to peruse at their leisure. There’s quite a lot — they take up pretty much my entire 1 GB memory card, and they’re all huge, high quality pictures — so rather than posting in batches and making the blog load slowly, I’ll just post a link. And if you really like any you may comment. 🙂

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