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4 Comments 23 October 2009

Got some cool news for my fellow Angelinos last night! Sorry I waited until today to post it, but my Internet’s been wonky and I don’t trust posting here via my phone. Anyway, beginning tonight LACMA is hosting an Audrey Hepburn marathon entitled “Audrey Hepburn: Then, Now and Forever.” It will run until November 13 and features some Hepburn films rarely shown on the big screen, along with special guest speakers.

Tonight, starting at 7:30 there will be a double feature of Roman Holiday and They All Laughed with an introduction by director Peter Bogdanovich (who directed Audrey in Laughed). Tomorrow, Saturday, is another double feature with Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Two For the Road, with an introduction by William Daniels, a co-star from Road. And for the record, I’m really miffed I can’t make this one because Two For the Road is maybe my favourite Audrey film and I haven’t seen it on the big screen yet.

The double feature nights continue with Sabrina, Love in the Afternoon, Charade, Wait Until Dark, War and Peace (wow!) and My Fair Lady. To see the full list of upcoming screenings, along with film and guest speaker information and screen times, go here.

If you can make it to any of these screenings, please go! I can’t tell you how much better it is to see your favourite films on the big screen as they were meant to be seen. You pick up on so much more and having an audience reacting around you just adds a new dimension to the film.

Thanks to Kendal for sharing the info!

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  1. sally tomato says:

    great fun! We had an Audrey Hepburn Festival here in Manila last Feb.

  2. Ankit says:

    I am jealous :(…

  3. AMBEr.B says:

    check out my blog….where u can see my audrey birthday cake <3

  4. The Pocket Stylist says:

    Jealous…. Your blog is great I adore Audrey… I will now follow

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