Audrey 100

There’s a new picture book on Audrey coming out November 2, and it’s called Audrey 100. The premise? The 100 greatest pictures of Audrey Hepburn, as compiled by her son Sean Ferrer. What this means? Rare or private pictures, seen for the first time! The book is co-authored by Ellen (Erwin) Fontana, the director of the Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund, who was also behind what I consider the best book out there on Audrey, The Audrey Hepburn Treasures.

While information is still trickling out, I can tell you that the book is slated for a release date of November 2, that it comes in at just under 200 pages, that it comes with a 9×11 photograph for framing, and that full retail price is $40 (though you can get it for less if you know where to look, of course). And, like Treasures before it, sales will benefit the Children’s Fund.

Excited yet? There’s more. You can pre-order through Barnes & Noble or Amazon, and you can even take a lovely virtual tour of the book here.

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  1. I have always enjoyed the movies and life of Audrey Hepburn. When she passed away, I was so saddened. However, at the same time, I was expecting my first child. I said to my husband, if it is a girl, her name will be Audrey.

    Well, my Audrey is now 17 years old. She is about to apply to colleges and her major has touched my heart. Until I saw a report on this book did it click. My daughter wants to major in Anthropology. She always told me, with no nudging from me, I want to help people. People and cultures fascinate her and she has such a warming heart. She is the eldest of three girls. My Audrey has always touched others, either by making them laugh, helping them, and most importantly, comforting them. Her sisters are 14 and 7, her youngest sister having Autism.

    I thank you for this book and the inspiration that Ms. Hepburn offered so many in life and death. To this day, when times are tough, one of her movies will suddenly appear on cable and my daughters will just smile.

    Thank you and God Bless.

  2. The book wont be out in the US until the end of this month March 29 to be exact so its exciting to get an Audrey fans perspective on the book while also getting a sneak peek at all the pictures. Dont worry theres enough of the book left unseen to make your first go-round with your own copy as exciting as ever.

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