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No comment on Emma Thompson’s ignorance

34 Comments 09 August 2010

I found this late last night and wanted to sleep on my anger before sharing with you. As I’ve discussed with you before, Emma Thompson has penned the screenplay for the new adaptation of My Fair Lady, which has been in pre-production for a couple of years now. Nothing is moving forward, and while out promoting her new Nanny McPhee film I suppose Emma wanted to remind everyone that she has a film waiting to be made, and the best way to get attention would be to slag on Audrey. Yes, Emma Thompson trash talks Audrey Hepburn.

The Daily Mail has the story, though really, I think the title tells you more than you want to know: ‘Audrey Hepburn was twee, mumsy and really couldn’t act’: Emma Thompson’s scathing appraisal of My Fair Lady star. The link will take you to the article, and that’s all I’m going to say on this for now. I did actually write quite a fact-filled rant schooling Emma Thompson on how wrong she is on all this, but I’ll spare you – unless you’d really like me to share.

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  1. Caitlin says:

    Wow, thats harsh. Personally I loved Audrey in My Fair Lady 🙂

  2. Morisot says:

    According to the Emma Thompson, “Fans of the original won’t want another one [My Fair Lady movie] to be made – and honestly, one has to just cope with that.” After her comments on Audrey Hepburn, I guess Ms. Thompson will just have to cope with low box office returns. Someone should really teach her that if she has nothing nice to say, she should really say NOTHING at all. And, by the way, Audrey Hepburn is not a “guy thing”.

    • Pat B. says:

      You’re right Morisot. What Thompson didn’t mention is that fans of the original don’t want another one because the 1964 version is already a time tested classic. One needs only consider the source. Thompson also made cracks about Clint Eastwood and “his ilk” who’s only been nominated for 5 oscars, winning 3 and too many other awards for Thompson to count. I’ll bet ol Clint just sweats buckets over what she said huh? Audrey Hepburn played opposite the best of her time including Gregory Peck, William Holden, Humphrey Bogart, Fred Astaire, George Peppard, Sean Connery and Albert Finney to name a few. Most of them also won oscars and unlike Thompson all are household names. Thompson was also wrong about Hepburn just playing opposite older men. She was older than Connery and Finney. She was also 6 years older than the man of her life when she died. Thompson is like a school kid who knows everything about a subject except how to do his/her homework.

  3. Hannah says:

    I have to agree with Morisot – if you don’t have something nice to say Emma, keep your trap shut. I find it ironic she says someone like Audrey can’t act when I wouldnt have said Emma Thompson was exactly the worlds best herself.

  4. Margaret says:

    I love Audrey, but Eliza was not her best role. However, I don’t think this was because she was either “twee” or “mumsy”. It was because she wasn’t allowed to sing the role, which distanced her from the part. Also, Audrey was so elegant that I think it was genuinely difficult for her to pretend to be a flower girl.

  5. Henry says:

    That was completley uncalled for! and particually riksy seeing as she is producing a remake of my fair lady!!!!
    Just to let you know that there was a missed screening of charade on the 16th august. there is more info on this website:
    sorry about the long address!!!!

  6. Nereyda says:

    I am so upset right now how dare she say such awful things about AUDREY HEPBURN!if that lady has nothing nice to say she should just keep her mouth closed!>:I

  7. Forgetmenot says:

    That was kind of harsh! it is not very nice of her to insult publicly and repeatedly Audrey in an interview and if Audrey was mumsy and a twee, then I’d like to be that too but I do see her point in there: though much has been said about Audrey’s beauty, elegance, grace, charm, poise,class, etc (no one should EVER deny that!) you don’t really hear about how great of an actress she was. And it wasn’t that she couldn’t act, as Emma say, but itr wasn’t her acting that caught all or our hearts 🙂 That’s one reason why I love her: She kind of played all of her characters the same way, and that’s a good thing because what you see on screen it’s just a pint of her own fabulous self 😉

  8. Roxanna says:

    Emma Thompson? I suppose she can act? Ha! She isn’t a great actress. She is probably just jealous that Audrey was so adorable and she is old and ugly. Yeak!

    • Pat B. says:

      I just saw the wonderful tribute given to Ms Hepburn by Gregory Peck at the 1993 acadamey awards. No one without a heart could help but be deeply moved by it. She did indeed reflect elegance, grace, charm and those other qualities but there was something else one doesn’t hear much about on the subject of Audrey Hepburn and that’s where I take strong exception to Thompson’s remarks. Ms Hepburn was much “tougher” than her image usually implys. No one who survived years under Nazi occuppation can be truthfully defined as “twee”, or “mimsy-mumsy”. When Julie Andrews (who’s childhood included undergoing Germany’s bombing of London) was passed over by Warner Bros. for the role of Eliza Dolittle
      she didn’t “snip” at Hepburn. Instead they attended each other’s premiers and became friends. It’s a shame Thompson can’t take a page out of that book. She might learn learn a few things about something called “class”.

  9. jhunie says:

    I absolutely agree.

    That woman is frivolous – period.

    Anyway, it’s only a remake so whatever they’re making – it’s all inferior to the classic film. And they can never replicate it. Her snarky comment is utterly disrespectful.

  10. Henry says:

    I don’t know how to contact fabaudey so i can only tell you this way. Just so all you guys know. There is an auction for ones of audrey’s LAST pair of BALLET FLATS!!! There is more info on AHCF:

  11. Pat B. says:

    We are so much poorer because of Ms Hepburn’s demise but we are also so much richer for the years we had her. God bless you Audrey. I know you’re still watching over the children of the world. They’ll never forget you and neither will we.You did’nt die. God just put you in a better place. We all hope to join you there someday.

  12. Rootbeerlover94 says:

    That women is stupid!! Every actor has there own way of acting, and I think Emma T has a long way still to go before becoming as famous a AH and I hope She fails success in all her future films!!

  13. Lily says:

    Audrey was fantastic. I am fifty-eight and I loved her. Nobody can ever top her. Don’t even try. She was the one and only. She was My Fair Lady.

  14. Jenna says:

    Can someone tell me who is the author or maker of this site? Is there any specific person in charge who writes the blog?

  15. Angela says:

    Really Emma Thompson should go suck an egg. She thinks SHE can act, Nanny McPhee, oh yeah, real accomplishment.

    Can’t believe she said that – BOYCOTTING HER NOW

    Audrey Hepburn <3

    • Elena says:

      Let’s get our signs ready! Emma Thompson is going DOWN!
      I saw a clip of Emma Thompson’s Nanny whatever, and it made the decision for me. She is NOT a good actress. Audrey HEpburn has more talent, elegance, grace, and style in one wink of her eye then Emma Thompson has in her body. Go back into your hole under a tarp Emma dear.

  16. I can’t believe Emma Thompson could make such comments. She’s no Meryl Streep herself and forever plays the same characters over and over again.
    Anyone who can have a relationship with Kenneth Branagh seriously must be damaged in the head.

    I have no interest whatsoever in seeing her pointless remake of My Fair Lady.
    Straight to DVD I expect.

  17. Kate says:

    Audrey Hepburn was a woman of extraordinary grace and truly understood how to be beautiful and talented, without causing Hollywood Hysteria with scandals and gaudy pictures. If Hepburn, was here today I believe she would have handled remarks such as these with the poise and dignity we all love her for. She’s a woman every young girl should look up to, Thompson saying things like that, should give us the opportunity to show her what a profound effect Hepburn’s performances have had on us.

  18. H.wilkinson says:

    Wow that is harsh! Although i DO think that audrey would be the first to agree with her (as said by sean hepburn-ferrer) but she is just so modest and it just IS NOT true!! Plus, I don’t see Ms.Thompson touching the hearts of almost the whole world!! I swear, i will NEVER watch another emma thompson film ever again!!! 🙁

  19. Jo Stockton says:

    Emma Thompson…Nanny McFee…really? She thinks she could glorify herself–her “acting”–above Audrey Hepburn?! Who does she think she is? And she’s…old…I think she’s just a snobbish, stuck-up, jealous “actress” who envies Audrey and secretly wishes to be her because of her beauty and her immortality. Emma will be forgot, but Audrey lives on. Oh, and one more thing: Audrey Hepburn CAN sing. End of story.

  20. Bee says:

    I must say, Audrey Hepburn was no worse an actress than Julie Andrews, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, or Ginger Rogers. Women simply did not see the same variety in their screen roles at that time as they may see today. I believe that if one is to slag any one of these classical actress’s, you are naturally slagging all of them as they often played similar roles. It was simply the way of the times and really doesn’t devalue any of these lovely women.

    As for Ms. Thompson, one might say she is far from an exceptional actress herself. I’ve personally witnessed many a droll performance from her, and I don’t believe the star of “Nanny McPhee” has any right to be slagging even the worst actress.

  21. cassidy says:

    if you really wanna say audreys a bad actress then you obviously have no taste!

  22. Xiaoqi says:

    I’m actually not quite sure if I agree with you on whether Audrey did her part well in My Fair Lady. I watched the original movie Pygmalion (1938) and Wendy Hiller was much more impressive in the role. Probably the character doesn’t suit her.. after all I definitely adored her in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Charade.

  23. C says:

    Please keep in mind that, in Hollywood, people who need publicity will say ANYTHING, good or bad in order to get a rise out of people — which gets them ATTENTION, which is what they want. Look how much activity has been generated with an “Oh no she DIDN’T” point of view? It’s all a publicity game, face it.

  24. kate says:

    Audrey Hepburn is and will always be in our HEARTS, so please Mrs Emma Whatsoever before speak a single word about Audrey clean your mouth.

  25. P says:

    Frumpy grumpy Emma.

  26. Sharon M says:

    I loved Audrey in everything. I thought she was excellent in My Fair Lady. She was an actress of her times and let’s face it, American movie actors have improved dramatically since then. They act more realistically for one. I think Emma Thompson is an excellent actress too, with the advantage of British training. I wouldn’t trash her looks or acting, just her common sense and courtesy. She doesn’t do herself any favors by disrespecting the lovely Audrey Hepburn. I don’t see any reason why I would need to see a remake of My Fair Lady. Not just the absence of Audrey, but of Rex Harrison and all the other talent in that movie makes it seem totally unappealing to remake it. And the clothes were fabulous.

  27. Andy P says:

    I think this is very sad. Consider the irony when you think about what Audrey would say about Thompson’s attempt, she would offer nothing but praise and best wishes. This crowd of C list actors that is around at the moment really do have a chip on their shoulders. The proof will be in the finished product, and Thompson has some very talented shoes to fill if she thinks she can replace the legacy that Audrey left us.

  28. Andy P says:

    P.S. If you would like to join our facebook group please feel free to follow this link.

  29. EWmily says:

    Ugh, does she even KNOW who she’s talking about???

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