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She Wore Givenchy…

1 Comment 28 February 2013

hepburn_648It seems London has all the good gallery shows lately! I received notice recently that some new, never before seen photographs from a lost photo shoot in 1964 will be on display in London starting today and running through April 7th. The exhibit is called She Wore Givenchy…An Hour at the Ritz, Paris, 1964, and was photographed by Angela Williams.

The exhibit will be showing at the Heartbreak Gallery, and is part of a larger Icons gallery exhibit featuring other celebrities (mainly English) that Ms. Williams had photographed during her career as a freelance photographer. You can read more about the Audrey set in particular here, and if you’re in the London area and would like to drop by for a look, you can find the address, hours, and other particulars here. There will also be limited edition signed prints for sale.

I wanted to fly out and see the exhibit myself but sadly, it’s just not an option (especially since I’ll be traveling to cover Breakfast at Tiffany’s in New York). If you’re like me and can’t make it out to see the exhibit in person, the gallery is offering a nice e-catalogue to look through.

She seemed so tiny and fragile. The room was filled with roses and was ornately decorated. Roses, gilt and gold. She was in that exotic room like a precious bloom amongst all the flowers. – Angela Williams

Thank you to Laura for bringing this exhibit to my attention.

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1 comment

  1. Katrina Graham says:

    There are so many stories untold……

    I was taught to make beautiful clothes by a lady called Anne Marie who worked for Givenchy. Anne Marie made the wedding dress in the film Funny Face. She told me stories about Audrey when I was sweet sixteen. (40 years ago)
    I have just purchased a small cottage and I am going to frame photographs of Audrey and adorn the walls with glamour and grace.
    Anne Marie is 80 years old this year. Her ambition was to become a racing driver. At the time her father was a Director for Renault Cars but he insisted that Anne Marie worked for Givenchy and so she did!
    Another friend of mine cooked for Winston Churchill. Now that’s another story untold!


    Katrina Graham

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