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How did they do that?

Comments Off on How did they do that? 03 March 2013

web7_1Since the chocolate advert that brought Audrey back to life aired last weekend, people have been abuzz over the commercial. Some think it’s classic and timeless, while others cringe and simply ask why. Most of all, people ask, how? How on earth did the creators make a new Audrey Hepburn that seemed so lifelike and interacted with real actors, yet wasn’t real?

I’ve watched the ad quite a few times and still couldn’t figure it out – until I found this article on The Verge. The article explains in layman’s terms how the effects company who created the commercial used a mix of body double, facial recognition software, and old footage of Audrey to hobble together a new Audrey. The company’s website goes into greater detail on their work here, if you’re interested in the details.

Most importantly, Audrey’s name is trademarked now? Do I really have to put a ™ after her name every time I write it?

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