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Another huge Audrey Hepburn auction

1 Comment 22 June 2017

What’s this? Fab Audrey is back, and there’s a huge auction of Audrey’s personal belongings? Wonders never cease!

Hello, friends, it’s good to be back. I’ve missed you all. And what better reason to come back than to share a ton of information on an upcoming auction of Audrey Hepburn’s belongings, coming our way at the end of September.

I will be honest, though – the news of this auction made me sad. I never stopped following Audrey news, even though life took me away from updating this site for a long while. And when, around the beginning of this year, it came out that Audrey’s two sons, Sean Ferrer and Luca Dotti, had to go to court to settle how to divide their mother’s belongings amongst themselves, I was deeply saddened. We haven’t seen a Timeless Audrey exhibit in years, and I’m afraid that we won’t see one ever again. You see, it looks like the flats shown above – the same lot being sold at Christie’s as autumn begins this year – are the same ballet flats that were in the exhibit (see my photo here, from when the exhibit was in Berlin, Germany).

I’d had a hunch that after it was announced that Audrey’s sons had settled in court how to divide Audrey’s belongings, we would see an auction before too long. The Daily Mail confirmed it yesterday with this article, advising that anything they had in their possession would stay theirs, the rest would be auctioned, and the profits split between them. It’s a shame that her prized clothes, her “armor against the world,” as she called it, won’t be in the family anymore. Her personal script from Breakfast at Tiffany’s will be on the block! The brothers say that this will bring Audrey to her ever-expanding fan base, but who among us can afford the estimated £1,500 to buy her shoes? £80,000 for the Tiffany’s script? No, I fear that instead of parceling her out to the world at large to share and enjoy, more and more of her is going behind closed doors, to private collectors.

I remember when her black and white Ascot dress from My Fair Lady went to auction, and the buyer had said they were opening a movie memorabilia museum and would display the dress, hat, and parasol for everyone to see. Where are they now?

Well, let’s not go climbing on soap boxes, it’s out of our hands. I will say that you can see some lovely pictures on Christie’s site here, and if you’re in London towards the end of September, you can see some items yourself on Kings Street from September 23-26.

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