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Audrey Hepburn sewing patterns for 2017

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It’s been quite a while since we’ve had one of these, hasn’t it?

I know it’s a little early to be considering Halloween costumes, but it’s always a good time to look for good sewing patterns, if you’re the crafty sort, and always a good time to expand your wardrobe! I personally love sewing and will be studying fashion (again) in the fall, so I went through all of the major patternmakers’ catalogs available in the US and found some good patterns available right now. If you’re interested in expanding your sewing skills, or even to start sewing at home, have a look at these patterns and maybe give one a try.

I’ll start with the two Sabrina-style patterns I found recently. The first is one of my personal favorite screen costumes ever, the little black dress with ties at the shoulder and a full, tea length skirt. While of course this isn’t an exact copy of Givenchy’s amazing design – that would be copyright infringement! – this one does get very close. The bodice front is Y-shaped on this pattern, but who’s going to notice? The back also has a Y-shaped design that could be modified to be like the original dress (take out the top panel and modify the side panels, if you’re feeling daring). The envelope advises this is an easy pattern, but the consensus seems to be that it’s only easy if you’re used to home sewing already.

If you don’t have a fabric/crafts shop near you that stocks patterns, don’t worry, the internet is here for you. Amazon has them fairly cheap (sizes 6-14 here, 14-22 here), or eBay usually has some below the manufacturer’s price.

And as a friendly reminder for those newer to sewing or deciphering sewing patterns: don’t let the size numbers scare you! Sewing patterns are sized very differently than any off the rack clothing. What really matters is taking accurate measurements of yourself and matching them to the size on that particular pattern.


Next up is the gown featured above, the famous black and white Sabrina ballgown. Who hasn’t wanted to make this? Well, now you can! It even has the same detachable train, thank goodness. Audrey as Sabrina described this gown as “yards of skirt and way off the shoulders,” and this Butterick replica certainly delivers in the yards of skirt department. I’d advise tackling this project when you can splurge on at least 8 yards of material!




This one seems to be cheapest on eBay, and you can find quite a few auctions here. By the way, the envelope advises this pattern is average difficulty, but it involves making a belt and installing boning in the bodice. Personally, I’d advise it’s only average difficulty if you’ve done period costumes or a wedding dress, something involving a lot of fabric and boning.





Moving on to a more generic Audrey look, I’m loving this Vintage Vogue reprint of a 1960 design. The brown ensemble reminds me alternately of her Anna Karenina train coat and dress from Funny Face, but also of a Breakfast at Tiffany’s lost outfit. It’s pretty easy to find on eBay right now, too! It’s described as being average in difficulty. While the lines look pretty simple, Vogue patterns do tend to be a little bit more tricky, speaking from personal experience.




And now, the Breakfast at Tiffany’s patterns! I’d been dying to have that burnt orange coat Holly wears on the day of doing new things, and I found something pretty close with Simplicity.  Picture version A, with the buttons (minus the center row), but take out the belt and sew in little ties in the back, and you’ve got a Holly coat!





The bother with this pattern is, I’ve only ever been able to find it from Simplicity’s website – as a download and print pattern. I don’t know about you, but I’ve only got a little home printer, so that means printing lots of pages and taping them together to get your pattern pieces. Which isn’t the worst thing in the world, but also not the most convenient. If you’re in love, you can find the pattern here.

And if you want to be a completist on this look, I can also help you make the gray twill dress underneath! Well, I can at least point you in the right direction, and that would be towards this Vogue Easy Options pattern. While we never see the full dress without the coat over it, this pattern looks pretty on the mark. If you take the top half of dress A and pair it with the more fitted skirt of D through F, that would easily be something found in Holly’s wardrobe.




eBay does have quite a few of these going for good rates, but Amazon can also help you in a pinch (and for a little more).




Lastly, for all you overachievers in the audience, there’s even a hat pattern you can try. As is, hat A won’t be an exact replica of Holly’s flying saucer of a hat she wears to visit Sally Tomato. But if you’ve tried your hand at making hats before, or just feel really confident in your abilities, it could be done! As with most of the patterns I’ve found, eBay looks to be the cheapest place to shop, with Amazon coming in second place.




And that’s all I have for now! If you’ve found any that are still in print that you love, please feel free to share. If not, or if you’re not one for sewing and don’t have the patience for this, when it gets closer to Halloween I’ll try to remember to revive the old habit of finding good ready made items to piece together your own Audrey look.

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