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The iconic black and white ballgown from Sabrina is going to auction

1 Comment 14 September 2017

I had completely forgotten that Debbie Reynolds, whom we recently lost, had the divine Givenchy-designed organza dress with detachable train from Sabrina in her collection. But now that she and her daughter Carrie Fisher are gone – something that’s still hard to grasp – some of their items are going to auction next month.

Since they were inseparable in life, it seems only fair that their collected items be sold off together as well, in a huge, three-day auction running from October 7th through October 9th. The auction house, Profiles In History, has a limited edition hardcover catalog available for this historic sale, but their website shows they’re currently out of stock. In the meantime – or if paying $100 for an auction catalog is a little outside of your reach, or even $49 for the paperback version – there’s a free downloadable version for you to browse here (different PDF versions available depending on your browsing device).

It’s nice to see this dress again. It’s a personal favorite of mine from the vast collection of Givenchy screen wear to choose from, and I’m hoping it’s one of the few pieces that Profiles In History are actually letting people preview ahead of the auction. They are showing certain pieces by appointment only, so if you’re dedicated and in the area of Calabasas, CA, try and see it! This may well be a once in a lifetime opportunity, since Debbie’s Hollywood memorabilia museum closed ages ago and no one else seems to be stepping up to the plate to try and keep these items available to the public.

The dress has age discoloration, which is disappointing, but to be expected after over 60 years. The catalog is very thorough and documents all wear and damage throughout the years, and even has some notes on the whole Edith Head/Givenchy debacle with her winning an Oscar for his designs, basically. The dress is expected to fetch between $80,000-100,000 US, and I’m not really surprised. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past decade or so, it’s that anything Audrey has worn onscreen is still gold.

If you like old Hollywood in general, I’d recommend going through the entire virtual catalog, but it is really very long, so do it when you have quite a bit of time to spare! But if you do, say a little thanks to Debbie Reynolds for being so meticulous, because she started the trend of actually preserving costumes and props from films. The major film studios were literally throwing out all of this memorabilia when she found it and began saving it, so she’s the reason we have the ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz, along with Sabrina’s transformation gown.

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