Breakfast at Tiffany’s broke another record!

Breakfast at Tiffany's script in LAWhile Christie’s has provided a sales number for the live auction held at their London flagship location, the online auction is ongoing, with the last items ending October 9. News is still scarce, but what I can say for certain is that Breakfast at Tiffany’s now holds the records for most expensive costume from a film, and most expensive film script ever sold at auction!


The 2006 sale of Audrey’s long black dress from Breakfast was donated by Givenchy to a friend, to raise funds for this friend’s charity, and Givenchy famously bought back his own dress. A very roundabout way to help a friend, but a wonderful way to do it! And he set a world record in the process – it’s actually in the Guinness Book of World Records!

display in Hong Kong
Hong Kong photo by Reuters

This new sale is a bit different, but no less fun. Audrey’s personal working script for Breakfast was by far the most talked about item in this lot of over 1,000 items, and was estimated to sell for ₤60,000-90,000 (about $80,000-120,300 USD). Well, it turns out that none other than Tiffany & Co. has bought the script, and for a staggering ₤632,750 (about $846,000 USD)! I found this through the New York Times, and while they did get a statement from Tiffany’s, the spokesperson wouldn’t say if or when the script would ever be on display, just that they were proud to grab the script to add to their “expansive archives.” Please, Tiffany’s, put the script on display at your New York location! You’re currently rebranding to try and attract the younger generations, and you’ve literally just bought your golden ticket.

In total, the live auction fetched ₤4,635,500 (just over $6,200,000 USD). Basically everything shot well past the expected price range, so Audrey’s eldest son Sean may have been a bit off the mark when he mused that the lower priced items would be within a student’s budget! Since we’re on the topic of scripts, here’s what the other personal scripts ended up selling for:

Sabrina: ₤50,000 ($66,890 USD)
War and Peace: ₤56,250 ($75,250 USD)
The Nun’s Story: ₤27,500 ($36,790 USD)
Wait Until Dark: ₤27,500 ($36,790 USD)

I could go on, but really, Christie’s tallied everything, just go here and look. There were only two items that sold for under a thousand pounds, if that puts things in perspective for you. One was a test pressing for the Wait Until Dark soundtrack, and the other was a commemorative program for War and Peace. That is literally it. No word on if anyone else famous had bought Audrey’s items – for example, her Burberry trench coat sold for ₤68,750 ($91,950 USD), but as of yet no one else has come forward to announce they own a piece of Audrey.

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  1. Kendal and I were there for almost the entire auction; and we won something!, but I’ll let her tell you about that. I’m glad you are posting again, it adds a certain kind of continuity to the whole thing – it seems most of the Audrey community are on Instagram and the like these days.

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