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The hammer strikes tomorrow

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Timeless Audrey in BerlinIn case you’re an Audrey Hepburn fan without internet access, who doesn’t watch the news or read the papers, or have just woken up after an extremely long – and hopefully fulfilling – nap, you might not be aware of a large collection of Audrey’s personal items finishing going to auction at Christie’s London tomorrow. A lot of the items being sold live at auction, or at the ongoing internet auction that started September 19th and will continue until tomorrow, were once used in the traveling Timeless Audrey exhibit. After receiving Christie’s catalog for the auction today, it hit harder than ever that the era of Timeless Audrey is done.

I know we haven’t seen Timeless Audrey in a long time, but there were at least some smaller exhibits popping up around the world to somewhat sate our appetite. I fear we won’t have any of those anymore, unless Givenchy decides to keep showing his own personal collection (and then usually only in France or Switzerland). I was thinking the other day about him buying back the black column dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s back in 2006, and found myself fantasizing that he would swoop in again to buy some of his designs currently on sale. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, but it would be nice to have a lot of the more recognizable and iconic items, especially the film costumes or official replicas, taken by someone who will love and share them.

In the interest of not being a total downer about this auction, I will say that Christie’s made a beautiful display of the items going to live auction, and was nice enough to make an interactive, 360-degree virtual tour for all of us who can’t be in London to at least gawk à la distance, as Holly would say. You can play with that here.

Anyway, I’m sounding old and nostalgic here, so I’ll stop. Almost. If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve created an Instagram and a Facebook page for the site, along with a Pinterest account. (The Twitter account has been around for a while, and was just dusted off.) So far the Pinterest boards are just things from Christie’s, to preserve the pictures, and it’s nice that they always give the photographer’s name. We need to be better at giving all artists their credit! But if you’re on any or all of these and like following there since it’s easier than going out of your way to a website, please do.

Here’s a few shots of the Christie’s catalog that arrived today. This is the more affordable catalog, so it’s without the extended essays on each item that the hardcover catalog features.


The day before everything is sold away to private collectors, most likely never to be seen again, the Christie’s catalog I ordered came in. I’ve made my feelings on this known before, but I can’t help but say it again: this auction makes me incredibly sad. I’m not speaking as someone who’s run a website on Audrey for 15 years now (though I can’t believe it’s been that long!). It’s coming from someone who discovered Audrey in her grandma’s video collection and found someone who actually made *me* feel beautiful, just by looking at her. I look at my photos from the Timeless Audrey exhibit and see, with this auction, all the young people who will never have that opportunity. I don’t know if they will ever be able to see Audrey’s personal items and feel her energy pouring from them, though she hasn’t been around to touch them for nearly 25 years. Either way, the live auction is tomorrow afternoon at Christie’s London, and you should be able to watch a stream online through their site. The majority of items are already open to online auction, and will continue to be open for a little while longer. #audreyhepburn #Christiesaution #thepersonalcollectionofaudreyhepburn #moviememorabilia #audreyatchristies

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