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Just a quick note to let you all know that I’ve been slaving away over a hot keyboard to keep improving the website for you. 🙂 Last night I added a review for The Nun’s Story (the book, not the movie — yet) and a review of Roman Holiday. Today there’s another two, with Charade and Two For the Road joining the ranks.

Now I’m off to build more picture galleries, since I know that’s the real reason why anyone goes to an Audrey Hepburn site. 😉

Rare German Audrey stamp sold for a fortune

If you’ve been an Audrey fan for a while and can stretch your mind waaaaay back to January of 2005, then you might remember hearing about a few very rare German Audrey stamps that had surfaced. They were supposed to be a mass release, but Sean and Luca objected to the image that was chosen (Audrey as Holly Golightly, posed with her signature long black cigarette holder) after millions of stamps were printed. All but 10 stamps were destroyed, and the surviving 10 had been stolen from the post office’s archives. It seems that 3 have surfaced, and one just sold as U.S. auction for $66,500! Here’s a photo of the stamp:

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A reverse ransom note to the Gap

I’ve found a hilarious article by Steve Johnson of the Chicago Tribune. He calls it a reverse ransom note, and he mercilessly harasses the Gap for using Audrey Hepburn to shill their terrible clothes, and for trying to force-feed a whole country of women a style that fits only a certain body type. There’s lots of great quotable parts, but here’s two highlights to pique your interest:This makes one of the classiest actresses Hollywood has seen into the apparel industry equivalent of Ron Popeil,” and While it matters, legally, that her son OKd the ad campaign, it doesn’t matter, morally.”

Interested? Click here to read the article.

videos about the "Breakfast at Tiffany’s" dress going to auction

I found some videos from various news shows across the U.S. that talk about the upcoming auction of the long black dress from BAT. And might I just add I giant “I KNEW IT!” because this clip states that “according to Givenchy [who donated the dress], this is not the dress worn in the film. There are three dresses; one is in the costume museum in Madrid, and one is in Givenchy’s own personal archives in Paris. This is the only dress that will ever come on the market.” The model wearing the dress in this clip reminds me of Selma Blair, and she’s obviously a wee bit short for the dress. (Note: you have to sit through a short ad before the news clip itself plays, and you can’t skip it or fast forward through it. So don’t worry, I didn’t give you the wrong link.)

The next clip just talks a bit more about the background of the dress (Givenchy shipped the designs out and Edith Head’s people made 3 copies) and shows the model walking out to the picture window to halfway recreate the opening of the film. Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t the dress seem less special if everyone gets to wear it? Especially since Audrey herself might not have ever put it on. I dunno.

Jay Leno, the Festa Internazionale di Roma

If you’ve searched through You Tube lately for Audrey clips, then you know how many parodies are popping up of the Gap commercial. I’ve only posted one so far, with misgivings, and I feel the need to post another (with misgivings). Apparently Jay Leno got on the bandwagon (a bit late) and made his own parody of the commercial, and it’s pretty . . . well, disturbing. See for yourself:

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Find out exactly where Breakfast at Tiffany’s was filmed!

I know, after just saying that everyone thinks Audrey only did one worthwhile film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I go and talk about it some more. But this is really cool and worth it, I promise. To celebrate 40 years of filming in New York, the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting is releasing a book called Scenes from the City: Filmmaking in New York 1966-2006. In it are pictures from a lot of the great films made on location in New York, with over 250 pictures, many rare and never before seen. Breakfast at Tiffany’s will be featured in the book itself, and Google Map on the special page dedicated to the book shows you three filming locations for B@T. I tried looking up Wait Until Dark to see if their few exterior scenes would show up, but no such luck. They’re mainly trying to stick to the iconic New York films, which is why so many Woody Allen films show up (I personally love Annie Hall and Hannah and Her Sisters), but it’s still very exciting to see exactly where in Central Park they filmed, the exact location of Tiffany & Co., and the exact location of her apartment (exterior only, of course). To have some fun with the map and learn a little more about the book, click here, and the book comes out October 17th, if you’re interested.

"Do a dance on Audrey Hepburn’s grave," Audrey unleashes the altruistic side of Gap

This first article is yet another diatribe against the Gap ads, but I couldn’t help but laugh at the first line: “Well, do a dance on Audrey Hepburn’s grave.” It’s a good article, though, and worth the read. I somewhat agree with fans who say, “Well, at least it’s introducing Audrey to a new generation of people,” but when you read a couple of the stories in the article, you just have to wonder why exactly some people are interested in Audrey anyway. It also furthers the belief that she was only good for modeling clothes and encouraging girls to be thin (see rant below), and that the only movie of hers worth seeing (or even talking about) is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The whole article can be found here. Continue reading “"Do a dance on Audrey Hepburn’s grave," Audrey unleashes the altruistic side of Gap”

Winona Ryder is Audrey "with a crack," women blindly hate the word skinny and Audrey for selling it

I thought this little gossip excerpt was funny, so I’ll share it. Apparently Winona Ryder has a new film coming out called Sex and Death 101, and the director was asked why he chose Winona to play a psychopath. Below is the whole blurb, since it’s short and funny:

Director Daniel Waters explained why he cast Winona Ryder in his forthcoming flick “Sex and Death 101.” “I needed a psychopath who was sweet, warm, and funny — and that’s basically Winona,” Waters told the new issue of Elle. “She’s like an Audrey Hepburn that’s been dropped off the table and has a crack in it.”

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Clips from "Secret People," even more about Natalie and the B@T dress

Someone uploaded two quick clips of Audrey dancing from one of her early films, The Secret People. It’s a very hard movie to find, but I was lucky to know someone with a copy who lent it to me to watch. It’s a little strange to see Audrey so young and vivacious, but it gives you an idea of her “coltish” behaviour that’s described in Gigi and how she must have bounded onstage “like a gazelle.” Anyway, it’s also really nice to see her ballet dancing captured on film, since she so wanted to be a ballerina. The first clip is of her auditioning for a solo piece at a party, and the second is her dancing later on in the film while her sister secretly watches. Continue reading “Clips from "Secret People," even more about Natalie and the B@T dress”