Natalie Portman is Audrey’s "clone," but Audrey was a Martian anyway

I’ve seen these articles come into my inbox quite a few times now, so I thought I’d share. Apparently Natalie Portman wearing Audrey’s dress is a big deal, leading many to call her our generation’s Audrey Hepburn and Audrey’s clone. Unlike some starlets, Natalie has openly admitted that she could never fill Audrey’s shoes and doesn’t even want to try, which is nice and refreshing and really what people need to hear. She has also said she would never play Audrey in a biopic, so get that idea out of your head. Audrey clone or not though, we could do a lot worse on role models for young women. To view the article, click here. Continue reading “Natalie Portman is Audrey’s "clone," but Audrey was a Martian anyway”

Breakfast at Tiffany’s pictures!

I’ve been slaving away for the past two days to bring you the latest FabAudrey creation, the Breakfast at Tiffany’s screengrabs page! Yes, I screengrabbed the entire movie — and trailer — and then cleaned up each and every picture so that they looked their best before posting them for you. Please be patient if the page takes a little while to load, since there are over 900 pictures in that gallery. I hope you enjoy them! And please, if you ever come across any glitch in any part of the website, report it so it can be fixed ASAP. Thanks, and enjoy! Continue reading “Breakfast at Tiffany’s pictures!”

Gap’s sales "still skinny," Nat Portman sports the auction dress

After the media blitz last month with the commercial, Gap’s sales are still slumping over last year’s. I find this hard to believe with all the attention they’ve been getting (unless Audrey fans are staying away in droves), and the article did say that the poor Gap did make $1.46 billion, so I’ll keep the tiny violin in my pocket. Still, how do you feel, knowing that the Gap specifically used Audrey to sell a product and that it possibly didn’t work? For the Gap, I mean. Plenty of people have been intrigued by Audrey, but not so much about skinny pants. The whole article can be seen here, though there’s not much I haven’t already mentioned. Continue reading “Gap’s sales "still skinny," Nat Portman sports the auction dress”

Larceny at Tiffany’s

I can’t believe I forgot to post the screengrabs from last week’s “CSI:New York”. It’s been a busy week, I guess. Well, now that everyone’s forgotten about it, here they are:

It looks like they went to the Jennifer Love Hewitt School of Dressing Like Audrey: short skirts, low necklines, and bad wigs [edit: don’t forget the square sunglasses!]. Still, please don’t be a jerk and steal these pictures to post elsewhere. If you want to share this post with someone, there’s a link directly below that will link directly to this entry. I don’t want to have to watermark all of my original pictures if I don’t have to. Thank you!

Edit: Sorry, I seem to have lost these. If you really want, I can screengrab the episode again. Otherwise, eh.

The Nun’s Story

Last week I bought a copy of The Nun’s Story (the book) off of Amazon. I lucked out because as I did a search for the book, there happened to be a copy of it with Audrey on the cover, released in an edition that came out right when the movie was coming out. The book isn’t being printed anymore, so if you want a copy for yourself, it’s going to have to be an old one. If you’re all nice, I might end up buying more copies like mine and giving them away. 🙂 Continue reading “The Nun’s Story”

This time it was me

I’m sorry it took so long to get the contest going. I was out shopping around for the book itself (Treasures), since Amazon didn’t have it in stock as of 3 in the afternoon. (???) I got to look over the book at some leisure, playing with all those wonderful inserts they’ve put in and ogling the pictures. Ooh, someone is going to be very happy when they win this book! To try your luck, just go to the contests page and leave your name and email address. The winner and runner-up will be notified via email once the contest is over and they will send their shipping information then. Winner and runner-up will be chosen at random — out of a hat, if you must know. Continue reading “This time it was me”


Hello, and welcome to the new and improved Fabulous Audrey Hepburn! You’ll find that a lot has changed at our new home. We’re now ad and pop-up free, with only a few Amazon suggested links put up by us (the reasons why are listed in the FAQ, if you’re interested). But with a new domain comes more room, and more goodies for you to enjoy! We’re currently revamping our photo galleries, which will show well over 3,000 pictures when finished, plus a great multimedia section, new e-cards, and maybe the best news of all for you, contests! Yes, regular contests. Each one will be different to try and give everyone a fair chance at it, too. Our first contest starts October 3rd, with a chance to win a new copy of The Audrey Hepburn Treasures! And if you don’t win, buck up! Second prize is a lovely hardback Breakfast at Tiffany’s journal, and there will be plenty of other contests with excellent prizes. Continue reading “Welcome!”