The Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund is rewarded; what are you doing this weekend?

Designs of Hope, a specialized set of fundraisers that take place across America to benefit UNICEF, has come in ahead of schedule in their goal to raise $5 million for orphans with AIDS in five years. This year they held a series of galas which featured the finest in food and fashion, finishing on a high note in Houston, Texas, with a fashion tribute to Audrey Hepburn. Honored at the June 8 event was actress Jane Seymour, for her ongoing humanitarian efforts, and the Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund, for their work with women and children affected by AIDS. There was an Audrey-inspired fashion show, as well. You can read more about the Designs of Hope events here, since this was sadly their last year. Continue reading “The Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund is rewarded; what are you doing this weekend?”

the Audrey hoodie; win tickets to see an Audrey double feature!

Aspiring to be mistaken for the one and only Audrey Hepburn, but don’t want to put any effort into it? Or maybe you just really want to advertise your love for Holly Golightly? Either way, if you’re interested in wearing Audrey’s head on your head, then the Audrey Hepburn Hoodie may be right for you. It’s made exclusively through Headhoods, and is printed on American Apparel wear, so it’s sweatshop-free and American-made. Continue reading “the Audrey hoodie; win tickets to see an Audrey double feature!”

another Audrey Hepburn double feature in San Francisco

The Castro Theatre in San Francisco started 2007 out right with an Audrey Hepburn double feature, and it’s continuing what it started by having yet another back-to-back Audrey double feature in July. This time they’re screening Funny Face and My Fair Lady (along with The Wizard of Oz) as part of a triple feature called “Classic Musical Fashion.” All three films will be preceded by special guest hosts, and audience members are encouraged to dress up!

Funny Face will be introduced by Jim Van Buskirk, who is labeled as a Hepburn Expert on the Castro’s website and most definitely a film expert. Continue reading “another Audrey Hepburn double feature in San Francisco”

free Audrey Hepburn films this summer!

Free films in a park are nothing new, and I’m sure that they’ve screened Audrey Hepburn films before, but it seems that this summer a lot of her films are being screened. We’ve discussed TCM’s free screenings already, and now the Huntsville Museum in Alabama is joining in on the fun with “Classic Movies in the Park.” From June through August, the museum will screen free films to the public outside on a wall of the museum, and guests are encouraged to make a full picnic of it with lawn chairs, blankets, and picnic baskets. My Fair Lady will be screened on Friday, July 13. For a more complete schedule, go here. And if you’re thinking of going to any of these screenings across the country, can you think of a friend or two that hasn’t seen an Audrey film? This might be the perfect opportunity to make a friend into a fan. 🙂

watch Audrey Hepburn under the stars

If you’re in the Washington, D.C. area or will be this summer, then you might be interested in taking in an Audrey movie under the stars. This year’s Screen on the Green will feature Wait Until Dark on July 30. All movies will start at dusk, which AOL is estimating to be around 8:30 pm. It’s one thing to watch a scary movie in your own house, how creepy would it be to watch in the great, dark outdoors? Make sure to mark this one on your calendars! I’m fairly sure this is free, too. Continue reading “watch Audrey Hepburn under the stars”

See Roman Holiday and save an historic theatre

Every year the Los Angeles Conservancy has a “Last Remaining Seat” event, where beautiful, historic theatres in Los Angeles are re-opened to screen classic movies and raise money to keep these theatres in good order. This year Roman Holiday will be screened at the fantastic Los Angeles Theatre in downtown L.A. on May 30th. In the age of ugly, utilitarian box theatres it’s utterly amazing to see such an elaborate building set up to just sit and watch a movie. The ornate detail in every little thing shows just how big a deal it was to go out to the movies, and it’s sad that we’ve lost that charm along the way. If you can make it to the screening, please do! Let us know what it’s like to see a beautiful film in a beautiful setting. Click here for ticket information.

Audrey Hepburn desktops, icons and art!

Some fantastic news for you! The Fabulous Audrey Hepburn now has exclusive, custom- made Audrey Hepburn pop art for your enjoyment. There are also user icons (for message boards and instant messenger programs) and desktops of the special art for you to use, as well. These pieces are not watermarked or in any way stamped with our name, logo, or web address, because I personally think it’s a little tacky. But that doesn’t mean you can turn around and claim it as your own! All I ask is that you give credit where it’s due. If someone tells you they like the piece, just tell them where you got it from. That’s all! If this works well, there will be a lot more art where that came from. To see all of the new art, go to the multimedia page. There are also instructions on how to change a picture to your desktop if you need them. Oh, and if you have any requests of pictures you’d like to see pop art-style, let us know! Continue reading “Audrey Hepburn desktops, icons and art!”

Audrey Hepburn film screenings near you; give Audrey a makeover

There’s a few new Audrey film screenings coming up that you might want to know about! First up is the British Film Festival, taking place in Tel Aviv. I know it’s a bit of a commute, but the film festival runs from January 18-27. The Ambassador’s Choice film for this year is none other than Two For the Road. I’m extremely jealous, because Two For the Road just might be my favourite Audrey film ever, and it’s not exactly one you see screened very often. Tom Phillips, the British ambassador to Israel, says he chose the film because of Audrey, firstly, and because it’s just such a fantastic relationship film overall. To learn more about the film festival, go here. Continue reading “Audrey Hepburn film screenings near you; give Audrey a makeover”