let a lovely face cover your messes

I love the idea of using screens not just as decorations, but as real furniture. I love it when films actually have people changing behind screens, or screens are used as room dividers, as opposed to just having them nicely folded in a corner, doing no one any good. Unfortunately, I always live somewhere too small to actually use my own screen. Maybe this will motivate me (and you) to move to a bigger place and start using room screens:

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for your viewing pleasure

Someone has posted some Audrey Hepburn goodies to You Tube! That someone would be me. 🙂 Better late than never, here are some of the birthday presents I have for you:

Audrey Hepburn in Paris, the all French interview she and husband Mel Ferrer conducted at Orly airport in France. I had posted this video before, but sadly PrinceCharmingxoxo’s account at You Tube was suspended and all of his videos were taken down. Thankfully, he either sent me his videos or told me where to go to get my own copies, so they can now be shared again! Hopefully he’ll be back soon with a new account, so you can thank him when he returns.

A solid gold sculpture of Audrey Hepburn, done by renowned artist Renato Signorini.

A fashion show, presumably using the costumes from Sauce Piquante, done by the cast. Audrey isn’t actually credited or called by name in the film, but you can definitely spot her and her elfin ears if you look. I hope she got a pay bonus for wearing that ridiculous dress, too.

Audrey and Mel Ferrer visit Utrecht, Holland, to attend the premiere of Mel’s film El Greco. Audrey receives a hero’s welcome, of course!

Last for tonight, the UK premiere of My Fair Lady receives a royal welcome with the attendance of no less than a princess!

There will be more videos coming soon, and all of the videos on You Tube will also be up on the multimedia page of the website as well.

Edit: PrinceCharmingxoxo is alive and well as the new MrNatashaRostov! So please, drop him a line thanking him for finding a lot of these wonderful videos, and encourage him to keep looking.

Happy Birthday, dear Audrey

As most of you already know, today is Audrey Hepburn’s birthday. She would have turned 78 today, but even though she isn’t here with us physically anymore, she is most certainly everywhere in spirit, every day. In fact, it was four years ago today that The Fabulous Audrey Hepburn was born, so it’s like two birthdays in one for us.

I was actually going to give you all some gifts in the form of lots of videos, but I’m afraid that after a hard day of slaving over a hot keyboard, all my efforts were for naught. Hopefully the glitches will be fixed within the next couple of days, because they are quite good and I can’t wait to share those and more treats with you. But for now, do a little something Audrey in remembrance of her and check back soon for some fun belated birthday presents.

watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s free!

This is another offer that probably won’t be around forever, but last night I stumbled across a website that has scads of free movies and TV shows up for your viewing pleasure. While it only has one Audrey movie available right now, at least it’s a good one: Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It’s a lovely starting place for any new fan (or someone you would like to convert to an Audrey fan), or just a nice way to heal your own mean reds at any time of the day or night. Click here to see the movie, and don’t forget to watch it full sized!

watch Funny Face while you can!

While searching You Tube last night I found that someone was in the process of uploading Funny Face in its entirety! They’ve finished by now, so if you haven’t seen this fantastic musical yet, or just haven’t seen it in a while, you should go while the getting is good. I don’t know how long these will be up, so go! Part one is below:

Edit: video has been removed from YouTube by its user.

Target.com also has a little goodie for you: an Audrey Hepburn pop art tee! It’s four different coloured silk screens of Audrey as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and I must admit it’s a pretty cute shirt (as you can see). For the unbeatable price of $9.99 it’s hard to come up with an excuse to not buy it.

the Audrey Hepburn Community

The Audrey Hepburn Community has really been taking off lately! I’ve had to add a second page to fit all of the new members, which you can see here. So if you’re looking for a new friend who just happens to be a fellow Audrey fan, you might want to give this place a shot. We’ve got people from all over the world signing up, including fans from Spain, Greece, the UK and the US.

In other virtual news, Second Style Magazine, an e-zine dedicated to Second Life, is having a Fashion Challenge: Inspired by Audrey Hepburn. I’ll admit I’m a pretty big Sims nut (I may even have an Audrey Hepburn Sim in one of my neighborhoods . . .), but I’m totally out of the loop on this Second Life stuff. Anyway, it seems to be a massive online community of virtual people representing real people, and you can buy clothes and jewelry and other perks to spice up your virtual self. If you’re into this sort of thing, you can dress your Second self in the most Audrey-inspired way you can, enter the contest, and win some virtual money! Along with some virtual jewels. Click the fashion challenge above for more information on how to enter, including picture uploading guidelines and contest rules.

Audrey Hepburn film reels

PrinceCharmingxoxo from You Tube was charming enough to upload a fantastic array of British newsreel clips featuring our one and only Audrey! The clip runs at 10 minutes, and is mostly footage we haven’t seen before: Audrey at the premieres of My Fair Lady, War and Peace, and the Nun’s Story, along with footage from the Academy Awards and a very early (uncredited) appearance that you won’t believe! So watch the clip, and then drop PrinceCharming a note saying thanks for the goodies.

Audrey Hepburn Japanese tea commercials

I know nearly everyone has seen these now and they’re definitely not new, but news is still very slow and I just really like these. There were at least two tea commercials that ran in Japan that featured Audrey Hepburn quite heavily, and maybe it’s just the foreign aspect here, but I really like them. A lot more than the Gap ads, anyway. It’s just cute girls being influenced by Audrey while drinking tea! What more could you ask for?

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A tour of Tolochenaz

Thanks to the sharp eyes over at The Audrey Hepburn Circle (mainly those of chipmunkalvyne), a video has been found that shows off Tolochenaz, the small town in Switzerland that Audrey Hepburn called home for so many years. Actually, only the first 30 seconds of the video is directly Audrey relevant, when they visit the cemetery where Audrey is buried and view her grave, but the first minute and a half or so are nice to watch because it gives you a much better feel for the town than anything I’ve come across so far — barring the photos Sean put in his book, An Elegant Spirit. It makes me want to visit even more! As an added bonus, our old friend Kendal’s ceramic angel she left for Audrey is featured in the video. Look for it! Continue reading “A tour of Tolochenaz”