Hello, and welcome to the new and improved Fabulous Audrey Hepburn! You’ll find that a lot has changed at our new home. We’re now ad and pop-up free, with only a few Amazon suggested links put up by us (the reasons why are listed in the FAQ, if you’re interested). But with a new domain comes more room, and more goodies for you to enjoy! We’re currently revamping our photo galleries, which will show well over 3,000 pictures when finished, plus a great multimedia section, new e-cards, and maybe the best news of all for you, contests! Yes, regular contests. Each one will be different to try and give everyone a fair chance at it, too. Our first contest starts October 3rd, with a chance to win a new copy of The Audrey Hepburn Treasures! And if you don’t win, buck up! Second prize is a lovely hardback Breakfast at Tiffany’s journal, and there will be plenty of other contests with excellent prizes. Continue reading “Welcome!”