Audrey 100 Review

Audrey 100 by Ellen Fontana, foreward by Sean Hepburn Ferrer

Oh, the Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund is at it again: another quality hardcover book filled with full-page pictures of our dear Audrey. The premise isn’t sharing Audrey’s past or private life this time; rather, it’s 100 of her family’s favorite photos of their dear lady. Her companion Robert Wolders collaborated with Audrey’s two sons, Sean Hepburn Ferrer and Luca Dotti, and went through personal photographs and the countless professional photos taken of the actress and humanitarian to select the ones they thought best represented all aspects of Audrey.

While most of the photographs in this book are known to the more hardcore fans out there, many have not been seen in such high quality (how accustomed we are to internet-only photos!), and the few new personal pictures make the experience worthwhile. What makes this book truly interesting, though, is that the pictures themselves are laid out in the most minimalist design. You look through these one hundred images, completely free of distractions, and it’s only when you come to the very end of the book that you read why exactly Misters Wolders, Ferrer and Dotti chose these photographs. The stories they offer, sometimes personal, sometimes only offering a motivation or deeper insight that we never would have known otherwise, are what really makes this book stand out. And every description is just a short paragraph, making it palatable even to those who aren’t fans of reading.

Plus, there’s a little bonus prize at the very back of the book. 🙂

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