Audrey: Her Real Story Review

Audrey: Her Real Story, by Alexander Walker

While the title may sound vaguely sensationalistic, Audrey: Her Real Story is yet another great biography on Audrey. Released in 1994, two years before Barry Paris’s book, it might even have had the distinction of being the best-written biography on Audrey until Barry Paris entered the ring. Walker’s book is a well-written, easy to follow biography with a generous helping of enjoyable pictures, but it does have a few minor factual errors. Like many people did, Walker states that Audrey’s birth name was Edda Kathleen Hepburn-Ruston, a fact that was hotly debated up until Audrey’s son Sean set the record straight (and included a copy of Audrey’s birth certificate) in An Elegant Spirit.

Despite these few errors, Audrey is a good read, and was a biography I read and reread a lot in my younger Audrey fan years — until I bought Barry Paris’s book in paperback. I carried it in my backpack to school quite a lot, and many a conversation was started over that book, so I personally have a warm spot in my heart for this one. If it were not for those few factual errors that unfortunately were published, it might still be my favourite. Still, it’s a close second and a book I would recommend, as long as people were aware of the misquoted facts.


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