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How to get Golightly hair, just in time for Halloween!

Comments Off on How to get Golightly hair, just in time for Halloween! 25 October 2006

If you were planning on being Holly Golightly for Halloween, then this article comes just in time! And even if you were planning to go as Audrey, admit it: it’s Audrey as Holly, right? Because that’s the one costume everyone will know. It’s okay, I’ve done that, too. 😉

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What ever happened to class?

Comments Off on What ever happened to class? 20 October 2006

Well, now that Lotta and Carl have won the first contest, the news has slowed to a crawl (though if Carl doesn’t claim his prize soon, I might redraw for it!). I guess the Gap commercials being over has really dried up the flow for a while . . . until the dress goes on auction and more books come out. But I have found one article that hasn’t been rehashed a million times that is a pretty good read. It talks about the lame excuse for role models in American society today and how their complete ignorance of fashion (and even of dressing themselves) is reflecting on young girls and young women and making us into a nation of tarts. Here’s my favourite line:

What ever happened to the era of chic, the era of Audrey Hepburn, when women acted and dressed like ladies? Many women prattle on and on about how the sexual revolution liberated them — and yet they still feel compelled to attract male attention by dressing badly. That’s slavery, not liberation.

You can read the whole article here, and even if these sorts of articles aren’t your cup of tea, please take the last sentence of the article to heart. It seems to have been forgotten lately in society.


Contest is over! Plus, new technology will make the Gap ads look like child’s play

Comments Off on Contest is over! Plus, new technology will make the Gap ads look like child’s play 18 October 2006

Well folks, the first Fab Audrey contest ended last night at 11:59 (to avoid semantics arguments about which midnight counts on which day). A big thank you to everyone who entered, and a heads up saying that winners will be notified sometime today.

And news is suddenly slow on Audrey, if you don’t count all the repeat articles making their rounds. The only shareable thing I’ve found lately is an article on gossip site Defamer, talking about new technology that will make it possible to take old, possibly dead celebrities and make them act in completely new ways in new movies. So if you thought cutting and pasting Audrey from Funny Face was bad, or Fred Astaire dancing with a vacuum cleaner was blasphemous, then just wait until people start to take advantage of this new technique. I can’t even bring myself to cite bad examples, because they just might come true. Can you think of any future Audrey horror stories? (Okay, I’ll submit one: since Jennifer Love Hewitt claims to be such a big fan [though she stopped mentioning Audrey once The Audrey Hepburn Story was in the can], imagine her helping Audrey “cross over” on Ghost Whisperer, while Audrey praises Hewitt and her ego to the sky. Is that bad enough?) Here’s the full article.

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Sean speaks about "Enchantment" and "Treasures"

Comments Off on Sean speaks about "Enchantment" and "Treasures" 17 October 2006

I think this is the first time I’ve heard Sean Ferrer talking about Donald Spoto’s biography Enchanted, and why he chose not to be involved in The Audrey Hepburn Treasures. The article talks briefly about why Spoto decided to toss his hat into the ring, since so many biographies on Audrey already exist, and turns from there to a phone interview with Sean from his Children’s Fund office in Santa Monica. I think this quote is the most telling:

Sean said he had been aware of his mother’s extramarital affairs, so Spoto’s book would be no surprise for him.

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Rare German Audrey stamp sold for a fortune

Comments Off on Rare German Audrey stamp sold for a fortune 13 October 2006

If you’ve been an Audrey fan for a while and can stretch your mind waaaaay back to January of 2005, then you might remember hearing about a few very rare German Audrey stamps that had surfaced. They were supposed to be a mass release, but Sean and Luca objected to the image that was chosen (Audrey as Holly Golightly, posed with her signature long black cigarette holder) after millions of stamps were printed. All but 10 stamps were destroyed, and the surviving 10 had been stolen from the post office’s archives. It seems that 3 have surfaced, and one just sold as U.S. auction for $66,500! Here’s a photo of the stamp:

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A reverse ransom note to the Gap

Comments Off on A reverse ransom note to the Gap 13 October 2006

I’ve found a hilarious article by Steve Johnson of the Chicago Tribune. He calls it a reverse ransom note, and he mercilessly harasses the Gap for using Audrey Hepburn to shill their terrible clothes, and for trying to force-feed a whole country of women a style that fits only a certain body type. There’s lots of great quotable parts, but here’s two highlights to pique your interest:This makes one of the classiest actresses Hollywood has seen into the apparel industry equivalent of Ron Popeil,” and While it matters, legally, that her son OKd the ad campaign, it doesn’t matter, morally.”

Interested? Click here to read the article.


Jay Leno, the Festa Internazionale di Roma

Comments Off on Jay Leno, the Festa Internazionale di Roma 13 October 2006

If you’ve searched through You Tube lately for Audrey clips, then you know how many parodies are popping up of the Gap commercial. I’ve only posted one so far, with misgivings, and I feel the need to post another (with misgivings). Apparently Jay Leno got on the bandwagon (a bit late) and made his own parody of the commercial, and it’s pretty . . . well, disturbing. See for yourself:

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"Do a dance on Audrey Hepburn’s grave," Audrey unleashes the altruistic side of Gap

Comments Off on "Do a dance on Audrey Hepburn’s grave," Audrey unleashes the altruistic side of Gap 11 October 2006

This first article is yet another diatribe against the Gap ads, but I couldn’t help but laugh at the first line: “Well, do a dance on Audrey Hepburn’s grave.” It’s a good article, though, and worth the read. I somewhat agree with fans who say, “Well, at least it’s introducing Audrey to a new generation of people,” but when you read a couple of the stories in the article, you just have to wonder why exactly some people are interested in Audrey anyway. It also furthers the belief that she was only good for modeling clothes and encouraging girls to be thin (see rant below), and that the only movie of hers worth seeing (or even talking about) is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The whole article can be found here.

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Winona Ryder is Audrey "with a crack," women blindly hate the word skinny and Audrey for selling it

Comments Off on Winona Ryder is Audrey "with a crack," women blindly hate the word skinny and Audrey for selling it 10 October 2006

I thought this little gossip excerpt was funny, so I’ll share it. Apparently Winona Ryder has a new film coming out called Sex and Death 101, and the director was asked why he chose Winona to play a psychopath. Below is the whole blurb, since it’s short and funny:

Director Daniel Waters explained why he cast Winona Ryder in his forthcoming flick “Sex and Death 101.” “I needed a psychopath who was sweet, warm, and funny — and that’s basically Winona,” Waters told the new issue of Elle. “She’s like an Audrey Hepburn that’s been dropped off the table and has a crack in it.”

And if you really must see the source, it was taken from the very bottom of this page.

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s pictures!

Comments Off on Breakfast at Tiffany’s pictures! 08 October 2006

I’ve been slaving away for the past two days to bring you the latest FabAudrey creation, the Breakfast at Tiffany’s screengrabs page! Yes, I screengrabbed the entire movie — and trailer — and then cleaned up each and every picture so that they looked their best before posting them for you. Please be patient if the page takes a little while to load, since there are over 900 pictures in that gallery. I hope you enjoy them! And please, if you ever come across any glitch in any part of the website, report it so it can be fixed ASAP. Thanks, and enjoy!

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