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Where have all the leading ladies gone?

Comments Off on Where have all the leading ladies gone? 12 October 2007

In an article today for the Chicago Sun-Times, Betsy Hart wonders what has happened to the movie heroines. In the earlier days of film, women were strong, three-dimensional characters who could carry a film by herself. They were feminine and beautiful, but they were strong and could do without a man, thank you very much. Think of Joan Crawford, one of the first women to publicly raise children without a husband or father figure for them (forget the Mommy Dearest part for now). Think of Audrey Hepburn, even. In nearly all of her films there’s a happily ever after with implied marriage to the leading man, but she was no lovesick baby dependent on a man. Her quiet strength and natural charms drew him to her, often making him completely crazy in the process (see Love in the Afternoon). Think of some of the strongest films in history such as Laura, Mildred Pierce, Double Indemnity, and see how much of these films were carried by the female lead. They were empowering without being frothy or falling into the dreaded “chick-flick” territory. What has happened to films like these? Why must a woman blow something up to be considered strong?

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more Audrey Hepburn videos

Comments Off on more Audrey Hepburn videos 08 May 2007

I’ve uploaded some more Audrey Hepburn clips to You Tube, though you can just watch them here if you’d like:

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Audrey Hepburn film reels

Comments Off on Audrey Hepburn film reels 09 April 2007

PrinceCharmingxoxo from You Tube was charming enough to upload a fantastic array of British newsreel clips featuring our one and only Audrey! The clip runs at 10 minutes, and is mostly footage we haven’t seen before: Audrey at the premieres of My Fair Lady, War and Peace, and the Nun’s Story, along with footage from the Academy Awards and a very early (uncredited) appearance that you won’t believe! So watch the clip, and then drop PrinceCharming a note saying thanks for the goodies.


A blast from the past, plus an extended trailer

Comments Off on A blast from the past, plus an extended trailer 03 November 2006

Audrey news seems slow today (I’ll refrain from making any Day of the Dead jokes), but I did find two fun things. The first is an excerpt from an old issue of Variety — from 1958, to be exact. If you’re not familiar with the “trade rag,” it’s written in slang, since it’s mainly for people in the entertainment industry who understand that silly talk. Anyway, the excerpt was from the set of Audrey’s latest movie, The Nun’s Story, and talks about her upcoming projects, including one that never made it off the ground. To read the whole article, click here.

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The Nun’s Story

Comments Off on The Nun’s Story 05 October 2006

Last week I bought a copy of The Nun’s Story (the book) off of Amazon. I lucked out because as I did a search for the book, there happened to be a copy of it with Audrey on the cover, released in an edition that came out right when the movie was coming out. The book isn’t being printed anymore, so if you want a copy for yourself, it’s going to have to be an old one. If you’re all nice, I might end up buying more copies like mine and giving them away. 🙂

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