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Target loves Audrey!

Comments Off on Target loves Audrey! 05 May 2008

Living in Southern California (again) means having to drive, lots of freeways, and access to Target stores again. I’ve been going a lot lately hey, I need things and they have them and I always see at least one Audrey portrait hanging in the art section. Today I went to a different Target, because variety is the spice of life, and found this cute tote!

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Audrey in Love

Comments Off on Audrey in Love 11 September 2007

There’s a Spanish artist named Paco Chica who specializes in pop art. I received an email from him recently, and he’s done an installment featuring Audrey Hepburn called “Audrey in Love”. I’ve posted all of them here (my favourite to the left), but please feel free to visit his website to learn more about him, see other pieces he’s done, and contact him if you like what you see.

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more art

Comments Off on more art 12 February 2007

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Audrey Hepburn desktops, icons and art!

Comments Off on Audrey Hepburn desktops, icons and art! 09 February 2007

Some fantastic news for you! The Fabulous Audrey Hepburn now has exclusive, custom- made Audrey Hepburn pop art for your enjoyment. There are also user icons (for message boards and instant messenger programs) and desktops of the special art for you to use, as well. These pieces are not watermarked or in any way stamped with our name, logo, or web address, because I personally think it’s a little tacky. But that doesn’t mean you can turn around and claim it as your own! All I ask is that you give credit where it’s due. If someone tells you they like the piece, just tell them where you got it from. That’s all! If this works well, there will be a lot more art where that came from. To see all of the new art, go to the multimedia page. There are also instructions on how to change a picture to your desktop if you need them. Oh, and if you have any requests of pictures you’d like to see pop art-style, let us know!

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Audrey at a theatre near you; Edie Sedgwick and stencils

Comments Off on Audrey at a theatre near you; Edie Sedgwick and stencils 15 December 2006

First up, a few theatres in America have been publishing their upcoming attractions on line and making it into Google news, so you might be able to catch Audrey on the silver screen soon!

San Diego’s recently renovated North Park Theatre will be running a film festival called “Fabulous Faces of the Fifties.” Audrey is, of course, one of those fabulous faces, and if you’re in the area, Roman Holiday will be playing January 11-14. For more information, go here.

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some refreshing reality; you are an artist

Comments Off on some refreshing reality; you are an artist 18 November 2006

Just hours after complaining about girls using Audrey out of context as “thinspiration,” I find an article today that interviews teen girls and their opinions on the weight obsession. The entire article is good, and one girl actually quotes Audrey as justification for accepting yourself as you are! It doesn’t get any better than that. To read the whole article, click here.

Next up is an article about women today, and their lack of lady-like appeal. Some may even be offended at this article, since it is written by a man and therefore might be viewed as sexist or misogynistic, but it was all a matter of circumstance. He was watching Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and during that viewing came across . . . well, let’s say someone not so genteel. It led him on a tangent wondering what has changed in women in roughly 50 years, and if it really is all for the better. To read more, go here.

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