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Family drama, and an iconic dress goes back into hiding

No Comments 17 January 2018

Sabrina wardrobe testWe’ll start with the slightly nicer news first, which is that the thought-to-be-long-lost black and white ballgown from Sabrina, after being found hidden in a trunk amongst Debbie Reynold’s things and nearly donated to a local thrift shop, was sold at auction last month and went for a whopping $204,000! No word on who bought the dress, or what its future holds, since we never do see these again, do we?

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Audrey 100

2 Comments 18 July 2010

There’s a new picture book on Audrey coming out November 2, and it’s called Audrey 100. The premise? The 100 greatest pictures of Audrey Hepburn, as compiled by her son Sean Ferrer. What this means? Rare or private pictures, seen for the first time! The book is co-authored by Ellen (Erwin) Fontana, the director of the Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund, who was also behind what I consider the best book out there on Audrey, The Audrey Hepburn Treasures.

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Mel Ferrer, Audrey Hepburn’s first husband, has died

Comments Off on Mel Ferrer, Audrey Hepburn’s first husband, has died 03 June 2008

The news hasn’t been up long, but actor Mel Ferrer died yesterday (Monday, June 2nd) at his home near Santa Barbara. He was 90.

Mel was Audrey’s first husband, and he and Audrey had one child together, son Sean Hepburn Ferrer, who now runs The Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund with his half brother Luca Dotti. You can read a little more about Mel in the few articles up so far [here and here], and I’ll keep checking back to see if any more news comes up.

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audreybag.com is now open for business!

Comments Off on audreybag.com is now open for business! 05 November 2007

After a little bit of a delay, audreybag.com is officially open for business and ready to take orders. Apparently, the site was delayed by just a couple of days because Luca Dotti was in charge of designing and maintaining the site, so communications had to go from Italy, where Luca is, to Santa Monica, California, where the Children’s Fund offices are. So for all you curious types out there who wonder what Luca’s up to, now you know. 🙂

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My Best Friend: Audrey Hepburn continued

Comments Off on My Best Friend: Audrey Hepburn continued 12 May 2007

Last month I posted about a new BBC biography series called My Best Friend, and how Sean Hepburn Ferrer had filmed an episode about his mum, Audrey Hepburn. Beaker from L’Ange des Enfants was kind enough to send me a copy of this, and I’ve just finished posting it to You Tube for everyone to enjoy. 🙂 If you live outside of the UK then chances are you haven’t seen this biography yet, and I highly recommend that you do. Not only does it give you yet another side of Audrey, but we see more of the elusive Sean. The program seems to have been filmed at his house in Tuscany, but it also shows new footage of La Paisible, Audrey’s wonderful home in Tolochenaz, Switzerland. Sean is very open about his relationship with his mother, and talks quite frankly about his parents’ divorce and what went wrong. It’s the most I’ve ever heard on the subject, and it gives a lot of insight to both Audrey and Mel Ferrer that most people either never got or seemed to have missed entirely. All in all, it’s a lovely biography with fascinating content and great pictures, a good way to spend half an hour.

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Audrey Hepburn’s inner beauty dictated her outer beauty

Comments Off on Audrey Hepburn’s inner beauty dictated her outer beauty 01 May 2007

An article from the Daily Collegian discusses fashion icons and what made them tick, and Audrey is one of the lucky few mentioned. She’s still noted daily as an icon to many people, but today’s article has a nice bit added from Sean Ferrer that gives a little more insight into why Audrey’s fashion sense stood out from all the rest. I won’t spoil it for you, so click here to read the article for yourself (there are two short pages in total, and Audrey is on both). I will, however, say that it has a lot to do with inner beauty, and how clothes are just an extension of what’s inside you.


My Best Friend: Audrey Hepburn

Comments Off on My Best Friend: Audrey Hepburn 24 April 2007

Last year Sean Ferrer filmed a show for BBC called My Best Friend: Audrey Hepburn. It was part of an ongoing series about behind-the-scenes biographies of celebrities as told by their best friends. As Sean himself said at the time, “It doesn’t happen always that your parent is also your best friend,” but he and his mum were always very close. He had also called Audrey his best friend in his book An Elegant Spirit. I haven’t seen this show yet, but if you care to register at the website of the company that produced this, 3DD, then you may be able to see it for free online! (I’m waiting for my password.) You can click here to learn a bit more about the documentary, and you can register for your password here.

Also, there’s been lots of activity in the Audrey Hepburn community. If you haven’t already, check it out!


A tour of Tolochenaz

Comments Off on A tour of Tolochenaz 21 March 2007

Thanks to the sharp eyes over at The Audrey Hepburn Circle (mainly those of chipmunkalvyne), a video has been found that shows off Tolochenaz, the small town in Switzerland that Audrey Hepburn called home for so many years. Actually, only the first 30 seconds of the video is directly Audrey relevant, when they visit the cemetery where Audrey is buried and view her grave, but the first minute and a half or so are nice to watch because it gives you a much better feel for the town than anything I’ve come across so far — barring the photos Sean put in his book, An Elegant Spirit. It makes me want to visit even more! As an added bonus, our old friend Kendal’s ceramic angel she left for Audrey is featured in the video. Look for it!

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from the archives: the Audrey Hepburn stamp unveiling

Comments Off on from the archives: the Audrey Hepburn stamp unveiling 14 March 2007

I’m terribly sorry for the lack of updates lately, but it’s really frustrating when there’s nothing to report on. So I’ve decided that when it’s been slow for a couple of days, like now, I’ll just try to pull something from the archives that newer fans may have missed the first time ’round. For today, it’s a reminder of the official unveiling ceremony for the Audrey Hepburn stamp released by the U.S. Postal Service. The ceremony took place in Los Angeles, and since the ceremony was open to the public, I was lucky enough to be able to attend! So I dolled up and brought along my notebook and my camera, and this is what came of it. (The picture to the left is Sean Hepburn Ferrer and Jennifer Love Hewitt, the “godmother” of Audrey Hepburn CARES in L.A., unveiling the stamp to the press.)

All in all, it was a very fun and exciting day, and I wish there were more goings-on like this that regular people like us could crash. 🙂

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Audrey Hepburn’s car for sale? Plus, footage from her first screentest

Comments Off on Audrey Hepburn’s car for sale? Plus, footage from her first screentest 24 February 2007

There was an eBay auction last week for a white Mercedes-Benz supposedly owned by Audrey Hepburn. There’s a lot of speculation going around between Audrey fans, and the ad itself is very strange. The seller of the car (based in San Francisco) has a very long piece about the car up, though if you actually read the eight paragraphs, it’s mainly insisting that Audrey’s two favourite colours were white and red (the colours of the car), and lists every example in her films available to back up this fact.

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