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Dangerous Curves

Comments Off on Dangerous Curves 10 November 2008

Did anyone catch the Simpsons last night? I usually don’t watch TV of my own accord, but I was over at my sister’s when it was on, and I’m so glad. The whole episode was an homage to Two For the Road! One of my absolute favourite Audrey films, so beautiful. While they didn’t get the rights to the film’s music, the soundtrack on the show was very Mancini, and very true to the feel of the film.

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Two For the Road turns 40

Comments Off on Two For the Road turns 40 28 April 2007

Forty years ago today, Two For the Road was released. While it sadly didn’t do well in theatres then, it has since found a revival in the videotape and DVD age. I personally received it on tape 7 years ago as a birthday present (along with everything else Audrey had available then — ah, what a birthday!) and it took me a little while to love that film. Two For the Road is the sort of film that you can only appreciate when you’ve had some of your own heartache to season the movie to your liking. It’s a more mature film, about a real relationship, and shows a sharp departure from any of Audrey Hepburn’s other films. While the vast majority of her films ended with the two leads falling into each other’s arms with an implied “and they lived happily ever after,” Two For the Road mainly shows what happens after the glitter has worn off and real life has settled in. It was drastically different film for Hollywood at the time specifically because it said there was no such thing as happily ever after, and that a marriage was something that needed constant work — and even then it could still crumble. Filmed at a crossroads in Audrey’s own life, it feels like she was able to open up a whole different side of herself to the camera, which really makes this a film that you must see.

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Love, Audrey Style

Comments Off on Love, Audrey Style 14 February 2007

If the blinding avalanche of red paper hearts and pink everywhere hasn’t told you yet, today is Valentine’s Day. To celebrate, LOVEFiLM.com compiled a list of the Top 10 Screen Kisses of All Time, and the Holly Golightly/Paul Varjak kiss at the end of Breakfast at Tiffany’s was number 2! You can read the full list here.

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more art

Comments Off on more art 12 February 2007

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How to Steal a Million screengrabs!

Comments Off on How to Steal a Million screengrabs! 27 January 2007

If you’ve noticed that news updates here have been a little spotty lately, now you know why. I’ve been working hard to try and get these stinking things done! So, for the 100th post, I give you 570 screengrabs from How to Steal a Million.

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Audrey Hepburn film screenings near you; give Audrey a makeover

Comments Off on Audrey Hepburn film screenings near you; give Audrey a makeover 12 January 2007

There’s a few new Audrey film screenings coming up that you might want to know about! First up is the British Film Festival, taking place in Tel Aviv. I know it’s a bit of a commute, but the film festival runs from January 18-27. The Ambassador’s Choice film for this year is none other than Two For the Road. I’m extremely jealous, because Two For the Road just might be my favourite Audrey film ever, and it’s not exactly one you see screened very often. Tom Phillips, the British ambassador to Israel, says he chose the film because of Audrey, firstly, and because it’s just such a fantastic relationship film overall. To learn more about the film festival, go here.

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A Weekend With Audrey Hepburn

1 Comment 07 January 2007

Thanks to quissuer711 at the Audrey Hepburn Circle, there’s a fantastic “new” story about spending the weekend with Audrey. Apparently way back in 1951, before anyone really knew the name Audrey Hepburn, a scientist was asked to entertain a friend’s house guest, the guest being none other than Audrey. The two became chummy and kept in touch over the years, and I won’t ruin any more for you. Read the whole story here and judge for yourself how you like this story.

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a new Audrey Hepburn auction!

Comments Off on a new Audrey Hepburn auction! 24 December 2006

While not nearly as exciting as the recent Christie’s auction of Audrey’s classic Little Black Dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, there will be a new auction of Audrey memorabilia coming at the end of January 2007. This auction is of Audrey’s contract to appear in Two For the Road, and is part of a large batch of celebrity contracts and memos to benefit the Motion Picture and Television Fund, an insurance fund for artists. While the website for the auction house, Swann Auction Galleries, has some scans of other documents, there doesn’t seem to be any available of Audrey’s contract. I did, however, sign up for a PIN number, so if I see anything, you will. 🙂 You can learn more about the auction and some other articles up for sale here.

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